Tracmo Solutions

Proudly Work with Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory

The Tracmo CareActive Watch’s user-friendly app allowed our sample of elderly research participants to complete self-installation with minimum frustration. By having people with dementia and their familial caregivers both wear CareActive Watches, we are able to monitor and analyze longitudinal changes in movement and in-home location during individual activities and social interactions. 


The continuous activity log allows administrators to track any contracted personnel, patients, visitors or assets in the monitored areas.

Elderly Care

We provide the current/past locations for family members and caregivers.


Our solution can monitor and track the patients’ indoor geolocations and activities 24-by-7 when they are at home.

Tracmo Products
Tracmo Tracker

A minimalist Bluetooth tracker that helps you find everything that matters and provides real-time location info.

Tracmo Station

Tracmo Station is the plug-in Bluetooth receiver that establishes your safe zone by perceiving Bluetooth signal.

CareActive Watch

CareActive Watch is an integrated Bluetooth tracker with an ultra low power LCD screen and an accelerometer packaged as a wristwatch. It works with the Tracmo Station to generate the 24-by-7 actigraph data.